EECAF and Thomas Leonard form ‘Auntie Nancy Partnership’

EECAF was founded in part to combat the idea that modern psychiatric medications are “wonder drugs” that can cure mental illness.

We believe modern psychiatric medications are cures worse than the disease. Further, we trust that in the coming years mounting evidence will support our claims.

Meanwhile, however, many people suffer.

Thomas Leonard, a retired academic statistician, is doing his part for those who suffer. Leonard has become a donor and partner in EECAF’s campaign to make people aware of the dangers of these often over-prescribed drugs. The campaign has been re-named in honour of Leonard’s ‘Auntie Nancy.’

Leonard explains in his own words.

On 24 of March this year  I celebrated  my 65th birthday with friends and relatives, one of whom has also suffered from Epilim Chrono/Sodium valproate.

I have therefore felt encouraged to rename my public-health campaign, regarding the physical side-effects of psychiatric medications, ‘The Auntie Nancy Campaign.’

This is in memory of Nancy Leonard (1922-2012) of Budleigh Salterton, Devon. My aunt suffered from leukemia for over 20 years, the last few years without the benefit of chemotherapy. I am using part of her legacy to finance my further activities and networking in relation to my campaign.

I am sure that my kindly aunt would have wanted me to do this. I am now running my campaign in collaboration with the Edinburgh Equality Collective Action Forum (EECAF), a support and advocacy charity for the mentally disadvantaged.

EECAF is proud to be partners with Mr. Leonard. But we can’t do it all alone. We need your help too. To find out how you can help or donate email EECAF.

Thank you for your support in this very important cause.