EECAF undertaking study of effects of psychiatric medication in Midlothian


As part of the Auntie Nancy Campaign EECAF is conducting a scientifically based ‘DOUBLE LAMBDA STUDY’ in order to investigate the effects of psychiatric medications on mental health  patients in Midlothian.

The purposes of this study are twofold:

         (1) To obtain statistically valid conclusions.
         (2) To add to their file of evidence that they are using to address the NHS and the Scottish Government on this issues.

A number of subjects have already been assigned pseudonyms and anonymously interviewed, using a carefully designed questionnaire with fairly framed questions. The in-depth interviews are approximately 90 minutes and are conducted by an ultra-friendly specially appointed interviewer who is not from the NHS or a member of any public or private health-care institution.

The interview helps the subjects to respond to the questionnaire as fully as possible and then asked several insightful follow-up questions. No background personal, details or dates of treatment are requested or mentioned. It is essential to maintain  anonymity in the study. In addition, the names of the consultant psychiatrists are neither requested nor recorded.

The interviewees are treated to a cup of coffee, and given £10 for the efforts. The interviewer tries to meet them at a location of their choice.

The responses to the questionnaire have so far been highly illuminating. The interviewer also thinks that all of his subjects are very nice people.