Finishing School by Jo McFarlane

mental-hospital-doorFinishing School

by Jo McFarlane

The doctor said
“We’re concerned for your safety so we’d like to
keep you here under observation, just for a few days.”

‘Just for a few days’ turned into a month, then six,
then a year… by which time I had grown a madman’s beard,
doubled in size and could speak in tongues with the devil.

The doctor said
“We’d like to transfer you to the rehabilitation ward.”
So I learnt how to cook and sew and take a shower every other day.
It took me seven years to learn everything I needed to know.

Then the doctor said
“Congratulations! You’re going home.”

‘Home’ was a big house with five other men – none of whom washed
or did their own cooking or made any attempt to hide the fact
they were speaking with the devil.

The doctor said
“You’ll soon get used to it.
Community care always takes a little time to adjust.”