Happy pills were badly named

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EECAF has received many complaints about how psychiatric medication has hurt patients rather than helped them.

So far we have gathered both anecdotal evidence and found several disturbing statistical correlations. There are several lawsuits, mostly in the U.S., over the harmful side-effects of these medications and the issue is gaining increased attention in the news media.

We  believe that these medications are, at the least, overprescribed and are often given to make life easier on the caregiver rather than for the good of the patient.

We will be writing more about this issue and this is one of the top priorities of our public-health campaign.  We will also be posting a compendium of news articles on the subject, which you will be able to download for free.

Our goal is to warn people who may already be taking these medications and to have an impact on NHS practices in Scotland.

We take the position that medication puts the patients at risk and should not be prescribed when there are alternative treatments.

You can visit Tom Leonard’s website for more information on this issue.