On His Mental Illness

by James L. Carter

When I consider how I lost my mind

Addicted 2 disinhibition’s mess,

I feel some fear-repressions th@ release

B-ing @ odds w’ most of humankind.

The stigma of B-ing schizoid & diverse

Means some-1’s out 2 slaughter me 4 sure:-

Life-quality th@ 1-ce was good is pure

Poison & discontent & rotten stress.

A wealth of thought has now B-come so poor,

I’ve squandered reason; senses have B-n mined

& robb’d of sense; I fear my hit-man primed.

… Bad side-effects accompany the Q-r:-

B-4 lies strictured structure while B-hind

Sleep thwarted, emptiness, a cold closed blind.