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The subject of psychiatric medications and its impact on peoples’ wellbeing is a complicated one. Prescriptions for mood-altering drugs have exploded in the U.S. and Europe since Fluoxetine (i.e., Prozac) was approved in 1987 by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration.

However, we are only recently slowly coming to examine the impact these drugs have had and are having on users and society.

So to better understand how these drugs impact usersĀ  — which include everybody from mildly depressed housewives, to mental patient to children who have trouble concentrating in school — we present here a collection of news articles, blog posts and books on psychiatric medication.

The nine-page collection is available to download for free and includes active links to news articles, the majority of which are from mainstream news outlets like the New York Times, blog posts and a list of books.

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